Tuesday, January 6, 2009

What I've Learned

I'm a mom. I'm a mom who has so much love in my heart, sometimes I get lost in it! I want to tell you what I have learned over the years. I've learned that there is no greater gift that a mom can give her child than the gift of unconditional love. If we give our kids a feeling that they are so very valuable to us and the world, we give them the strength to get through the trials of life with honor and integrity and to grow from the hard times and shine proudly in the good times.

If you are a mom or a dad, listen to your children, give them all the love in your heart and teach them to be proud of themselves and the choices they make. Tell them you love them and you are so proud of them. Hold their faces in your hands and kiss their cheeks. Touch their hearts ever chance you can. If you are a kid, believe in you. Feel the proudness that you alone own because you make good choices and want to make a difference for the better in this world.

take a moment to remember how special you are and how lucky the world is to have you in it! Live with Intention!

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

It's Brain Time

I'd like to stimulate everyone's brain on my blog. I'd like discussion to be centered around how our brain learns and how we can enhance our learning but even more importantly, how we affect others and their learning by the way we relate to them and by the way we think before we act. So, here is the first thought.

Did you know that the first teacher a child has is his parent? Did you know the first essential touch is the beginning of the belief in "self"? Why do you think that is?